Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

The Last Magog

you are, and he’s a shaman. But do you have to answer him? He speaks in a language understood only by the two of you. He doesn’t want the others to know, who you are. Tell him that only the Great Spirits know who you are, that you do not. Tell him this in his language”. And I had already opened my mouth, to tell him this, when Giovanni came in. He came in and made it unnecessary for me to answer. “Break!” he howled, laughing and making some sort of incomprehensible gestures with his hands. And he continued speaking in his rapid-fire, incomprehensible language, simultaneously separating the shaman and me into our respective corners while shouting “Break!” I understood that this was intended for us — break, and I acquiesced. After all, what names have we not been called. Let us be break, I have no objections. I was pleased, though, that break wasn’t just me but the shaman also. It turns out that the shaman and I were both, the two of us were, break. “Break!” said Giovanni, laughing loudly. Subsequently, he told me that when he saw us, standing one right up against the other, he rushed in to separate us. He told this story often, so that it wasn’t very interesting hearing it for the twentieth time. He said that he immediately wedged himself between us, even though he didn’t at all want to do it. He didn’t understand what it was we were talking about, but he did understand immediately that we needed to be


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