Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet


he had thought of this. “So what happens to the kid? Did you think of that?” Luca asks him. “Nothing’s gonna happen to the kid, he’s only three!” Even though the plan with the car seems more realistic than the one with the wardrobe, we can see obvious shortcomings to it. “Three-year-olds can also be tried!” I tell Malcolm, because I myself had watched just such an episode on television. “Can’t be! I don’t believe you!” “John is right,” Mirsky comes to my defense. “They give them a suspended sentence, and later, when they turn eighteen, off to jail with them!” “No they don’t!” Malcolm puts his foot down. But Malcolm knows that, even though some people may just like to hear themselves talk, Mirsky’s not one of those. He gets it from a reliable source; his father’s a lawyer. “Don’t tell your father about our plans!” Malcolm tells him. “Lawyers and the police are in cahoots!” Mirsky gestures with his arms: “Do I look like an idiot to you? And anyway, you don’t know my father! He would never talk to the police. He despises them, because their IQs are deficient.”


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