Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet


with his tongue. He also wants to become a lawyer, like his father, and for that, he will need to have a dignified appearance. But so far, because of the braces glinting in his mouth, his appearance is almost diabolical. “Yes, let’s poison him!” we nod our heads. “Only with what? Rat poison?” “No way!” “Then what?” “Mercury!” “Mercury?” Mirsky nods self-importantly: “From batteries! We’ll buy ten of them in the pharmacy and extract the mercury. Comprendez?” “I don’t understand; and then what? How do we get him to drink it afterwards?” I answer him in all earnestness. “It’s really quite simple! Where does this father eat dinner? I’ll get a job as a waiter there and, every day, I will add another ten milligrams of mercury to his food. No one will suspect a thing, because I’ll do it very gradually.” Mirsky wears glasses, in which I can see our microscopic reflections. “Gradually! Will we have to wait a long time?” “Yes. That’s how they poisoned Napoleon.”


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