Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet


that separates Luca’s house from the neighboring one, where some husband and wife live. It’s a very high wall built of slabs of stone, probably brought here from the quarry were the husband works. The passing thought about the quarry suddenly gives me an idea cooler than the one Malcolm, who’s no Einstein, came up with, and even better than Mirsky’s. When Miss Romana departs to finish feeding breakfast to Luca’s younger brother, I announce my plan: “This is what we’ll do: Galileo will ask his father to see the quarry, and they’ll bring their lunch with them. Galileo will slip a sleeping pill into the food that we’ll prepare in advance, and, when the father falls asleep, we’ll drag him to the edge of the pit. In their sleep, everyone turns over on their other side at least once!” I even demonstrate my idea. For this purpose, I put the milk froth on the glass’s edge and emphatically wait for it to roll down. Then I begin to blow on it from the side, but the damn foam only jiggles a little bit and doesn’t want to fall into the glass. Moreover, I didn’t even get to finish telling them what my demostration was intended to show, because they stop paying attention to me and again go back to talking about mercury and what Mirsky needs to do to get a job at the restaurant. Diana gets up off the porch and tugs at her shorts. On the backs of her legs are two red stripes, impressions left from the stairs she was sitting on. She’s looking at us, and we’re looking at her legs.


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