Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Katia Kapovich

technology!” Luca declares, digging into the ground with a stick. «So?” “They check her for drugs when she travels abroad. They do blood tests and all that stuff.... They’re even testing her every two months! Galileo told me so himself!” “Then they have no grounds for taking Galileo away!” Diana says. “And, by the way, I know why he’s doing it.” «Why? we ask. “Because he wants to get even with her! «I thought it was because of the computer! Because Galileo hacked his computer!” Malcolm yells out. We all pause to consider this new bit of information. It should be said here that we all know what Galileo’s main talent is, and namely, that Galileo is an ingenious hacker. He knew everything about computers long before us. In the third grade, in the programming class, he asked the teacher when we would be studying Java, and when Mr. Hanks said that we would be doing no such thing, Galileo said that he would learn it by himself. Then Galileo learned how to build websites, and in the fourth grade, thanks to him, we all had our own websites, which we could do all sorts of cool stuff with. “So what can we do to get a hold of him?” Luca addresses the question to all of us, to shake us up, because we’re all pooped out from the heat and


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