Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Katia Kapovich

Luca also stares at me in surprise. “Why kill him? Let him live. Who said he’s as terrible as Diana’s father?” Malcolm shrugs his shoulders: “Galileo’s mother told me. And he himself told me.” “Galileo wouldn’t feel hurt if we don’t kill the father but instead just give him a scare!” I say convincingly. “Also, when we finish building the house, then Galileo could live in it, when he gets sick of his father.” «He’ll be spying on him!” “No he won’t!” I say. “He’ll be at work!” “How do you know that?” they ask. “Because, now that he has Galileo and Rafa, he has to work a lot. And in general, he was once a kid himself!” “How do you know?” I tell my knucklehead friends: “Everybody was a kid, once!”



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