Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Two Stories

turn, simply the principal god of antiquity possessed of an otherworldly will and with loins of superhuman integrity. Lina slipped off the transparent gauzy sun-dress, dropping it on the wave-smoothed pebbly beach, the French sandals, the newly bought swimsuit, and the heirloom earring rings, so as to regain that primordial purity, and commend herself entirely in the nude – like a child’s palm – onto the rough-hewn, clay-fired, brick-like paws of the primeval Schnederman. He had never yet been as humongous as he was now, besides tiny Lina, who was imitating a nibbling sucker fish (the bite was still stinging just below the nipple), and he even made out, to his surprise, his own moan, when it seemed that he was incapable of fitting inside her, with his hugeness, but by some miracle, finally managed to enter. And so it came to pass that Lina became for Schneiderman far more than a woman to be desired, having replaced with herself, with her passion and her fluids, the very notion of woman as such. For example, if Lina’s breasts happened to be diminutive, malleable and melting delicately, like butter, under his vigorous ministrations, then it means that this is precisely how a woman’s breasts ought to be. And if, after intimate relations, Lina smoked two cigarettes, one after another, then it turned out that a woman is a creature that smokes.


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