Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Igor Sakhnovsky

And, from a certain point onward, you could now place a fat cross over his independence. Make that a double cross. So much for his self-determination, his complete immersion in the stream of life, when each minute something in the region of the diaphragm goes boom, and every speck in the landscape conceals a mortal pining for Lena, who had by now flown off to the capital. This is one and the same as complete and utter subservience, I tell you. Or, in the language of Gena himself, Biscayne Bay all over again. Schneiderman arrived in Moscow on a flight from Simpheropol with some sort of strange woman’s satchel and, while on his way to Lina’s, tramped around half of the city. Because he’d accidentally confused the neighborhood of Sokolniki with the metro station Sokol – what ’s the difference, anyway. In her home, Lina turned out to be Evilina Alexandrovna – the owner of a large but claustrophobic apartment cluttered with an incredible quantity of useless objects, such as Voltaire armchairs and antique Chinese china; with a strict father, a small, curly- haired son, an overactive phone, and vases, etchings, books, intellectual guests downing cognac; a bathtub, tiles, mirrors, modern conveniences, silken curtains, * * *


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