Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Trafika Europe 13

of our poets here, he is also a noted translator (of English poetry). His most recent contribution to Russian letters is a Selected Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins (2017). Apropos of all the writers in this issue who are living abroad, their literary lives are very much part of the literary process in Russia and not only do their books and periodical publications come out in Russia, but they themselves regularly travel back and forth. Votrin’s novel, The LastMagog , the first two chapters of which appear here, under the guise of a naive but ethnographically accurate, Middle Earth-like parable, presents an epic clash of civilizations and a loosing upon the world of the primal forces of destruction in the name of primacy. Svyatoslav Loginov is a prolific writer of science fiction, more aptly characterized as “speculative fiction”. He has produced some dozen novels and numerous collections of short stories, whose primary theme is the retention of faith in a world deprived of both God and goodness. This is his first work to appear in English translation.

Viachelsav Kupriyanov is acknowledged to have been one of the founders during the 1970s


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