Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Pavel Lembersky

issue Samusis the younger, all the time snorting loudly while trying to throttle her hips with both of his arms. And now (again in thought only) we will jump another twenty some minutes into the future. Samusis and the future mother of Samusis the younger are lying together on the bed happily exhausted, sharing a cigarette and smiling at each other. And in another twenty three years, Samusis fought with his son for some flimsy reason. Essentially, there was no reason at all for it. Could it be that these measly 750 dollars where at the heart of the matter? Simply a pool of mutual aggravation, accumulating over a period of many weeks, suddenly as though of its own, spat up into a sizable quarrel. Though it should be noted that Samusis the younger was by nature a tactful youth and in his own way loved his father. Literally five minutes after the phone call, he was already repenting his rudeness and blaming himself and himself only for the conflict with his father. It bears repeating that May showers had always weighed heavily on himwith their feelings of melancholy, bearing on a familial species of anxiety. And now this stupid conversation! Samusis the younger stood in the corner pinching his whispy sideburns. For some reason they were not buying his umbrellas, even though business would otherwise be brisk on days like these. He hadn’t the resources to purchase a new, summer stock and his Hong Kong distributor had flatly refused to extend him a line of credit for a supply of the goods.


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