Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Pavel Lembersky

personally propose his candidacy for a promotion. Moreover, I don’t doubt for a second that the board of directors would have accepted my nomination. Mrs. Samusis, if there is anything I can ever do for your son – I know he’s a budding businessman – a single word from you and I will do everything in my power. This death is a blow to the entire company.... And now, with my apologies, would you please forgive me, but our workday lasts till five o‘clock. Be so kind as to wait downstairs in the vestibule. They will soon come for the body; I have already arranged everything. Once again, forgive me, but…. Business is business” he finished his extended outburst in a somewhat embarrassed tone. Zoya Samusis was standing beside the window and, it seemed, had not heard a thing. Or she heard him but failed to understand anything. Or she understood but didn’t think it required a reply. Or she wanted to answer but didn’t know how. And only the blue vein on her left temple was thumping faster and faster. Without uttering a sound, with a single glance she took in the entire office, made a sharp 180 degree turn and without looking at anyone, briskly took off for the exit. And only at the very threshold did Zoya slow her pace and, directing herself to all at once, strained out through her teeth: “Creeps, all of you aren’t worth his little pinkie! If you only knew how he despised all of you! Without exception! Each and every one of you!”


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