Trafika Europe 14 - Italian Piazza

THE MAN AT ONE KELVIN DEGREES By Piero Schiavo Campo (NOVEL EXCERPT) Translated from the Italian by Sarah Jane Webb 1 On my flight from London to Milan I had time to recap the essentials of my case. Not that I hadn’t followed the affair, of course. The media had been talking about it for months, and there wasn’t a single person on Earth who hadn’t heard of De Ruiter, or of quantum teleportation. Yet no-one could have imagined how it would all end up; and until that moment my own interest in the matter hadn’t been professional. I had but a layman’s knowledge of the facts, and before meeting Stauder I wanted to go over them thoroughly. I activated my expensive Rolex watch (a present from Jasmine), donned my 3D specs and connected to the net. First of all I wanted to take another look at online footage on the Stelline building, which had been aired for hours, non-stop, on the interactive news. It was just possible that I’d missed something. The video was in all the media archives on the 3DWeb. It showed a rectangular hall with a vaulted ceiling, awash with yellowish morning light. Along the side wall, six large windows framed a garden enclosed by 47

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