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A Man of His Word (excerpt)

Imma Monsó

Born in Lleida in 1959, Imma Monsó is one of Catalan's most beloved fiction writers, and a contributor to the main Spanish and Catalan newspapers El País, La Vanguardia and others. All her literary works have been translated into Spanish, and most of them on to several

other languages, with numerous awards.

A Man of His Word is a work of sudden mourning, as the narrator comes to terms with her deceased husband, whom she calls Cometa – Catalan for comet . The book is riven in a novel dual structure, with A chapters—"A for affection, amusement and acceptance"—and B chapters—"B for barbarous, brutal, bare" competing for the anguished, dual attention toward remembrance and reconciliation.

This is the author's first work available in English, now just published.

Translated by Maruxa Relaño and Martha Tennent.


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