Trafika Europe 2 - Polish Nocturne

things the way people have imagined them? However much the world changes. However different we are. Or maybe we just pretend to be different so we can keep up with the world. While in our innermost longings we’re all still the same, we just hide it from ourselves and the rest of the world. Besides, tell me yourself, can anyone imagine nicer hair on a girl than a braid? Naturally, for a braid like that you need a mass of hair, and not the thin kind. You need hair that’s a gift, as they used to say in my childhood. Here, on the lake, in the season, when people come on a Saturday or Sunday or on vacation, you sometimes see nice hair. But it’s best not to look too closely. It’s all dyed, and often colors that you never see in real hair. Real hair has a different color on each person, have you ever noticed that? In addition to which, their hair looks like it’s been all puffed up by hairdressers, with all those conditioners and shampoos and gels. Often their heads look like bunches of flowers. And the whole bunch could fit in your hand if you plucked it from their head. In general, something wrong is going on with people’s hair. Maybe it’s a sign that something bad is starting to happen in the world? Despite what you might think, more often than not the beginning is hard to spot. It’s rare for anything to start with big things or big events. It’s usually from something little, often something insignificant, like people’s hair for example. But have you noticed that more and more


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