Trafika Europe 2 - Polish Nocturne

She wanted a wedding dress, a white one, because she’d always dreamed of getting married in a white dress with a train. He gave it some thought. No problem, she’d have one, he’d buy it for her. He’d go into town and buy it. She didn’t have to go with him. He’d get her the most beautiful one, the most expensive one. If she went with him someone might twig. She shouldn’t worry, it would be the right size. It’d fit her like a glove. How tall was she exactly? That’s what he thought. And her hips and waist, and here? That’s what he thought. So why did she need to go? What if someone saw them together in the store, and her trying on a wedding dress, then there’d be problems. It wasn’t their fault they were living in such times. He wished they’d met in a different age. But she herself could see it was best if he went alone. White shoes? He’d buy her white shoes. What size was she? That’s what he thought. Just in case, she should draw the outline of her foot on a sheet of paper. That way he’d be more confident. Especially since with shoes it can happen that even though they’re the right size, they turn out to be too tight or too loose. Would she also like white gloves? He could get her some white gloves while he was about it. What else would she like? How do I know all this? You’ve never worked on a building site? Then you don’t know much about life. On a building site everyone knows everything. You don’t even need to eavesdrop. You don’t need to see, you don’t need to guess. You could say that what happens, what’s said, what someone feels, what they think about, that first off


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