Trafika Europe 2 - Polish Nocturne

Nine poems

Tomasz Różycki

Born in Opole, Poland in 1970, Tomasz Różycki is one of the lights of this generation of Polish poets, following on from Czesław Miłosz and Adam Zagajewski – a true compositor of shared poetic inheritance for these times. Most of the poems in our selection are from Colonies , a poetic memoir of

77 sonnets which plumbs the contours of maturation in a world of challenging morality, scarcely healed destruction and exile. A masterful, offhand music, synthesis, and depth of formal meditation infuse these works with rarified coherence, framing every page. "Tomasz Rozycki's Colonies is one of the most remarkable sonnet sequences of our time: the work of a wandering, restless, and moral mind." ‒ Susan Stewart, Princeton University

This is followed by one new poem by the poet.

Translated from the Polish by Mira Rosenthal.


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