Trafika Europe 2 - Polish Nocturne

“You see. Neither can I. It is unthinkable. And how we were crazily in love with each other. We married in secrecy, against our families’ convictions, and for a few days we had to stay in hiding.” My mother was standing at the window and was looking into the distance. We all heard this episode for the first time. With time Grandma showed less and less restraint in revealing details of her life. “But why am I standing idly?” she pointed to her feet on the floor. “Why nobody gives me anything to do?” she said it so convincingly that everybody started looking around the kitchen for an activity. My father gave her a bowl of apples to peel and asked with a chuckle: “Ma, are these apples or oranges?”

“Apples, by definition,” she waved at him with dismissive humor.

The apples were imperfect, with blemishes, from an unsprayed garden, but their aroma filled the entire kitchen.

“So tell me…, are you my daughter or my granddaughter?”


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