Trafika Europe 8 - Romanian Holiday


Russian poet Inna Kabysh (b. 1963) is the author of six books of poetry. Her themes range fromdomestic life andwomen’swork to Russia’s brutal war in Chechnya to the everyday struggle of the poet to carve out time to write. Kabysh is fascinated by the mother-child connection, which she explores in settings ranging from hospital wards to orphanages for the souls of aborted children to life in a Russian cottage. In 1996 shewas awarded the Pushkin Prize of theAlfred Toepfer Fund (Hamburg, Germany). She is also the winner of the Anton Delwig Prize (2005) and the Anna Akhmatova Prize (2016). We’re especially pleased to present a short video of one poem from this section, “Shine On, Shine On, My Star”. You can watch this video here .

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