TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

Gytis Norvilas renovations

Mister, you’re living in Leviathan’s body yet you seem to be happy with the flat!

I went to the North Town neighborhood towards “the center for construction materials” (lacking only the addendum: “to rebuild the world’s structure”) to buy acetate glue – Swedish white nights – and a brush of dark shag some zinc nails and nails (fit for an insect’s body) with wide heads

by the silent street I was stopped by the stoplight’s stigma quickly turning to verdigris bile that fills imperfect eyes

all of this just so that I could hammer and hammer (hammering on my knees) the bones of floor boards then lacquer them to shine (and how the eyes shine) with a rheumy brush – a flipper of eyelashes I paint (in extreme unction) using the lard of the yellow moon – the dark jaws – in which the gaze gets stuck


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