TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

eight poems

peace a black coat – my body inside it with all my nakedness on a blue rug from which violets have grown, cowering for warmth deleting my desire to rise and change location to the address that all registers know – my teeth set to bite the air after the farewell kiss all the body’s parts off on their own – declaring independence the torn map leads over the edge emigrants insects cockroaches vertically cross the walls ignoring the checkpoints of solitude everything is possible now – my I is unreachable even by entomologists and lying so silently lying I give my respects (like a sailor on the bridge of a diving submarine): 1. to the decimated gardens flowering under foundations 2. to ceilings and sky 3. to my neighbors making love only on weekends (and the tender uniforms of their robes) 4. to the pâté turning inside out in their refrigerators 5. to ten boys – ten buddhas on the roof who, straddling antennas, outride the angels


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