TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

The Grand Piano Room

trousers became covered in dust and in a pinky- purple substance. What was sadder was that the two sketches I did find, as I was looking under the table, were irreparably damaged as they had been lying in paint. I didn’t look for the third one. So the first thing I had to do was tidy the studio. The grand piano room that I remembered so well had been wonderful, but that made little difference now. I had to come to terms with reality, even if it was a very different reality. Different but powerful, as it expressed itself through my irritated state. I had to act to ensure that it stopped irritating me. To begin with I gathered all the canvases into one place, as before. It turned out that my studio was not that big. Of course, it had been bigger when the piano hadn’t take up all the space, but now... Now a large corner had been taken, and I had to lean the canvasses against the rack, put some on the paint table and squeeze the remaining ones between the wall and the piano. Whoever had piled them that way (I wasn’t totally sure that it hadn’t been me), had behaved as if there had been no other solutions. A situation with no solution – those were the words that finally came to mind. This whole thing stank of hopelessness. Well, really, where could I put the canvases? I wanted them to be all together like they used to be. Like before. I was not used to looking for the thing I


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