TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake


But he looked like the type that never loses anything, completely the opposite of his father.

13. Climbing stairs is fun. It’s more fun to go down, but sometimes you have to go home. On the stairs, I meet the veterinarian’s wife. On the stairs, every evening, she attempts to solve the same problem – how to lose weight. She is climbing up slowly, putting one foot on a step while throwing the other one back as if she were riding a scooter. With one foot dangling in air, she asks, “Are you keeping to a diet, or have you fallen in love?” “I have returned to my primordial form,” I say.

“A long time ago?” “Maybe two days.” “Pfff,” she says. Impossible to know – exhaling or insulted.


Exercising and breathing in our stairwell is not worthwhile. It’s full of cat piss.


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