TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake


bottles. They say, there is civet in these perfumes. Civet? Yes, civet. It’s made from the anal glands of the Ethiopian civet, something similar to a cat. Poor cats, I think. Do you want to smell it, asks the saleswoman. No, thank you, I know that smell, I say. And in these, says the saleswoman, you can find natural musk. And how does natural musk smell, I ask. Well, it’s made from the sexual glands of animals similar to deer, says the saleswoman. I try to imagine how the sexual glands of animals similar to deer might smell. Maybe you can demonstrate that to me separately, I ask. The new scent of the stairwell has slid it’s way into my nose and won’t come out, even when I move my hand. I blow my nose in a tissue – it won’t blow out. I go out onto the balcony, bend over half way and try to blow it out once more. “Are you vomiting?” asks Nr. 10, standing on her balcony, wondering where to put the handful of wet, 1940s style “panties”. She forgot to hang a line. “No,” I say. “Something you ate?” “Not yet,” I say. “Planning to have children?”


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