TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake


“You’re already late,” I say, “you need your beauty sleep not by twelve, but by sixty. After sixty, no beauty sleep will help. Better not waste your time because soon you won’t need to get up at all. “Thank you for being here with me,” says the actress. “It was nothing,” I say. When you ask actors where they would most like to die, half of them say on stage, and the other half say in bed. If they don’t get roles that allow them to die on stage – it’s impossible. Unless secretly, with no one seeing. But the desire can hardly be about that. They don’t really dream about dying on stage, but about acting until their last breath. Those who want to die in bed are more conscientious. They just want a warm, safe death. So what do you do if you start to die backstage or in the theater lounge? Without warning, you go on stage and show everyone. Then you get a “Hamlet”, or whatever it is they get.

When it all comes to an end one day, I will definitely


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