TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake


I meet the new inhabitant of Nr. 6 by the door of the sixth flat. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a face. Black eyes, wide cheekbones, but not Chinese. The Golden Horde? Are you collecting tributes? “Hello,” says the new Nr. 6. “Hello,” I answer. “Hallo,” say the Jewish family walking by. “We’re coollecting monies,” they say. “For what?” I ask. “For the geite.” “What geite? Weren’t you collecting for the door three weeks ago?” “We’re putting up a geite so that strangers don’t snoop around the courtyard,” they say, looking the new Nr. 6 up and down. “Snoop?” I ask. “All thee time,” say the Jewish neighbors. “What do you think of the asteroid?” I ask Nr. 6. “Nothing,” he says. “I’m already sixty-three. Do you work as a model?”


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