TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

Jaroslavas Melnikas

way on the keyboard. Of course! I smiled to myself, in an attempt to stop the new wave of irritation: the piano lid was pressed down by the canvases. If I took them off, they would have to go under the piano; the others could go in the rack and the rest on the paint table. How many of them there were! There was only one solution – to take them off the piano while playing and then to put them back again when I had finished. That was what I attempted to do. I managed to put them in a small pile by the door (nobody would come in anyway). So, back to Chopin: one passage, then another. I couldn’t work out what had happened to the feelings I had experienced in the grand piano room. Maybe the acoustics were different? Or was it the lighting? I couldn’t put my finger on the answer. Perhaps the canvasses or the paint were the problem? The fact was, it was quite crowded in there. Or had I got tired dragging the canvasses over to the door? I slammed the lid shut. Now I couldn’t even leave the studio; to do that I would have to move the pile of canvasses back onto the grand piano. 3 The next day I decided to talk to my father about the grand piano room. ‘The grand piano room?’ My father was surprised. ‘What


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