TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

Jaroslavas Melnikas

worlds. Could it be that nobody understood that? Those worlds couldn’t and shouldn’t be associated with each other. ‘You don’t know life yet,’ my father said to me once. What did he mean? I understood a couple of months later. Summer came. I tried to adjust myself to my office situation (I had no real choice but to ignore the surroundings). I had to reconstruct myself psychologically. I had to – it was easy to say, but that readjustment left me dry! There was no me left. It was unbearable to see how, having lived like a lord, all my essence was now focused on this struggle with myself, this fight with circumstances! Silently, I cursed my fate, my situation. I couldn’t imagine it being worse. Unfortunately, not long after, I discovered it could be. One evening, after dinner, in the most disgusting mood, I headed towards my office and... it was not there. I couldn’t find it at all. To be honest, I should have expected it. It was the logical next step. But for some reason I had been unable to imagine such a thing. I could understand that my space was getting more constricted, but that it should disappear altogether? Totally? How was that possible? This time I didn’t touch the wall with my hands, I kicked it. I knew it was absurd. And I kept kicking it – because it was absurd. ‘What is it, Jura?’ My wife came out into the corridor. ‘What’s the noise about?’ ‘The neighbours.’ I said, squashing the hurricane of


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