TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

The Grand Piano Room

feelings with an enormous exertion of willpower. ‘They’re constantly doing repairs,’ my wife mumbled unhappily. And then I realised what I had said. What neighbours? We lived in a detached house! Freezing, horrified, I recalled my wife’s reaction: she had not been surprised by my explanation! That meant that there, behind the wall, there really were some neighbours? I didn’t want anybody living behind my wall. The idea that other people were living behind the wall would interfere with my breathing. Biofields exist. Other people’s biofields would affect my brain – it was common knowledge. I threw myself towards my office to shut myself away – to calm down – to think it all through! I moved, then stopped. I was no longer able to find refuge in my own little office, no matter how cramped it had been. All that was left was to kick the hard wall – at the space where the door used to be. But where, then, was my space? I rushed to the snooker room: there was no snooker room either. There was our living room with a TV and armchairs. There was no fireplace. And there stood my desk and my books on the bookshelves. Bookshelves! Would I have to work in there, then? I turned around and went to the bedroom. I found my canvasses heaped up in there, and my paint, and next to them, against the wall, my piano. Not my


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