TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

Jaroslavas Melnikas

grand piano! From now on I would have to work at my desk with the television on in the background, or my wife, my children and my parents would have to do without the living room and the television. But that was impossible. Just as impossible as me trying to find refuge in there. It would be better in the bedroom. But... No, there was no space for a desk in the bedroom. There was a bed, the piano and my canvasses. I slumped into a chair. This couldn’t be true. I had kept silent and suffered, but a line had been crossed. That was it. Enough. I stood up and went to the kitchen where my wife was. ‘I can’t do this,’ I said to her. ‘I need an office.’ ‘What do you mean?’ She stopped washing the dishes. ‘Is it that bad in the living room?’ ‘Lucy, everybody watches television in the living room.’ ‘But you’re used to it,’ my wife said. ‘You never complained before.’ I couldn’t recall ever working in a room full of people, and particularly when they were watching television. But if my wife said so, could it have been possible? God forbid! But it was possible. I would have to adjust to it. I would have to turn into the person she was talking about, but only because I had no other options. It was possible that in some other reality (which my wife had


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