TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

The Grand Piano Room

I turned around and went to our bedroom (in the kitchen my daughter was with some unfamiliar guy). Quickly, I tried to work out what was happening. But I had no chance. In the bedroom, a dirty man was sleeping on my bed with his shoes on. ‘Get out of here,’ I said trying to tame my temper. ‘Quick!’ ‘You what, Feofanov?’ he said, surprised. ‘Oh, I get it.’ He looked me up and down attentively. ‘I’m totally sober!’ I said. ‘And I insist, I insist... Out! Get lost! Now!’ The man’s face changed immediately. He sat up in bed. ‘You get lost yourself,’ he said angrily. ‘You didn’t even knock on the door.’ I ran from the room. ‘Lucy!’ I said breathlessly to my merry wife. ‘There’s... There’s...’ ‘What is it?’ she asked, seeming somehow devious. ‘There’s a man in our bedroom.’ ‘Oh, it’s Konkin, our neighbour.’ She stood up with difficulty and tottered across to me. ‘My dearest, you are totally . . .’ She leant against me and began to weep. It was, I realised, all just a dream and I laughed to myself. So, another family lived in our bedroom. That is, they had moved in. With whose permission? When?


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