TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

Jaroslavas Melnikas

‘My darling,’ my wife said, ‘they’ve been living here with us all their lives. Have you forgotten everything?’ ‘Who are they?’ ‘Konkin with his wife and children.’ ‘Where are his children?’ ‘They’ll be back in the evening.’ ‘Where do we live? Where do we sleep? Where do we eat? Where do our parents sleep? Our children?’ ‘Here.’ My wife was surprised and waved her hand to indicate the room. ‘Here’s our sofa bed, and behind the screen, your parents’ bed.’ ‘And Lora?’ ‘Lora and Liosha sleep behind the wardrobe, where else?’ I went to the wardrobe; it was true, behind it a mattress lay on the floor, and above it a crib swayed. ‘Be quiet, Verochka is sleeping,’ she whispered. ‘Verochka?’ ‘Yes, our granddaughter.’ ‘Where do we eat?’ ‘In the kitchen.’

‘And where do the Konkins eat?’ ‘We have a shared kitchen, Jura.’


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