TE15 Lithuanian Honey Cake

ten poems

with trembling voice i fantasized about something that has to happen about the Vilnius Cathedral and the Vilnius Christmas Tree about Vilnius’ little children gathered to listen to stories in the room inside the Tree i fantasized a secret agent, a girl with trembling voice coming to read stories about Vilnius’ princesses and princes a blood-stained book by Lautréamont the same one who inspired the surrealists, the one who wrote about girls with twisted hands, about girls eating their own hands about boys next to whom you sit in parks “when you become the ruler of others, you’ll be able to do them as much good as you once did evil” about a person who sews up his victim’s eyes and pretends to be her savior, serving her, not out of repentance, but just for fun and Vilnius’ gnomes to Vilnius’ children instead of stories, she takes out


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