TE16 Turkish Delight

İlhan Sami Çomak if I cry

I talk patiently My body turning to the crying tigers in the licking waters In the shadows of the gardens I withhold the winters against fortune’s wheel I understood that I knew as I was thinning the rain down on my chest: Turns out the mirrors I broke yesterday were fake Because my bosom bleeds on the knees of autumn The clouds biting my childhood’s heart bruise me In reality I am part of the earth My fists are the darkness of its few corners I secretly stride through the sky’s altar Your solitude trails behind my whistle The blooming noise flagellate my mouth Fences have already surrounded my face If I cry it is to test life Yes, I keep chewing on my cheeks With my tongue feeding the rose with new scents I’ve made a token out of the circle of fear Stretching the mornings towards the flow of water The world’s scythe has cut the power inside my legs


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