TE16 Turkish Delight

Ten Poems

Towards the soil’s face. Shiver like wet birds Bettered by dictionaries of love, come.

Don’t cry with the dark face of the sea Because this beauty overwhelms me The clouds’ bowed heads overshadow

The cracks among words with the heaviness of anger. Say remedy, say the footsteps of distracted passengers Towards the womb of fire. And bats repeat the darkness. I would like to love you. I would like to become familiar With cliffs, be hunted by bullets thirsty for my forehead. Say it’s true, say I have studied you like earthquakes Dive down with the seeds of rain the particles of air In my mouth, on my tongue, in the words of children. And your breath bends towards the water. The birds’ Vast horizon trembles. Arise my rose love my rose. This blade will yet work more of the sea.

(tr. İdil Karacadağ)


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