TE16 Turkish Delight

Hakan Günday - I won’t go anywhere with you unless you tell me exactly what it is you want!

Hewas shouting. EvenZowas takenaback by his suddenoutburst.

- Give me one reason why I should come to your house.

Needlefish clasped his long fingers together and leaned over the table. His head protracted like a periscope. There were only twenty centimeters between them. He looked into Koma’s eyes. He emphasized every word as if to tell Koma to read his lips:

- I’m not going to give you any reason for you to accept my invitation. My name is Needlefish. I live in Falkensee. That is all.

He knew. He knew that Koma had plenty of time and boundless curiousity. He hadn’t taken the bait. Koma led a life without reason. He didn’t need reasons to go from one place to another. Needlefish had given the correct answer. He didn’t speak again…

Without reason they downed their beers. Without reason they got out of their seats and without reason they walked out of Ein.


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