TE20 Migrant Mosaics

Editors’ Welcome

An excerpt from Spanish author Carlos Gámez Pérez ’s novel, Immigration: The Contest , satirizes the role of technology and social media on real events in a potentially not-so-distant future. Next is a poetry selection from Márton Simon ’s Songs from 3:45 am and Fox Wedding . A conversation between Márton and his translator Timea Sipos about his work can be found on the February 21, 2021 episode of The Middle Ground. Then, there’s an excerpt from A Girl’s Story , French author Annie Ernaux ’s latest memoir, in which she reflects upon her eighteen- year-old self ’s submission to a man’s will and what she deems is the origin of her writing. The short story, “Taddeusz. Period” by Kathrin Schmidt , speaks of the disaffection of east Germans, leading them to nationalist politics. A special treat in this issue is an excerpt of Blutch ’s graphic novel, Peplum ,accompaniedbythetranslatorEdwardGauvin’s introduction. You can also hear more about Gauvin’s work on the April 11, 2021 episode of French Forays. American author based in Vienna, Austria, Ben Sloan ’s excerpt from Birke explores familial history through the eyes of the eponymous main character. Finally, joining the theme of family, German author Carmen- Francesca Banciu in Fleeing Father takes us to the battles between a father and daughter. To hear more about her work in her own words, check out the March 7, 2021 episode of Women in Translation. We hope you enjoy this splendid European mosaic! Clayton McKee and Joe Williams, Editors


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