TE21 Serbian Moments

Nikola Tutek

The Widower

“And he always played the victim. He made us feel sorry for him. All the time. It took me fifteen years to realize that the real victim was me. And the other girls. Except for Amanda, of course.’ “He was pimping his wife”? asked Egan putting the cup up to his lips. “Oh, no. See, that’s where problems started. That’s when we finally woke up. Me and the girls, you know”, Jessie sighed. “Let me tell you about Amanda. She was on the streets at the age of twelve, I swear to God. Toots found her when she was fifteen or so. Hesaid he’d foundagreat talentand brought her to theBarn. That’s what we called his quarters, the Barn. Meno broke her in but the poor bastard fell in love with her. Now, Toots, being Meno’s lover was… What? You didn’t know?” Jessie laughed. Egan nodded his head and gave a short, tender laugh. A bit like a laugh of an older man watching youngsters play. “Toots loved Meno, he really loved him. We used to hear them in the Barn, it was creepy. I mean, a pimp without a car, come on. Meno had some kind of phobia, he couldn’t drive. So, me and the girls walked and walked and walked. All for the sake of their love. Even today my knees hurt when the weather’s changing.”

“Anyway,Tootswascrazywithjealousy.HeinsistedthatAmanda starts working just like other girls, but Meno did not want that. Meno told him that, if he starts whoring Amanda, they would elope leaving Toots alone. The old faggot was petrified by that thought. So, he struck a deal with his lover; Meno could keep Amanda away from the Barn under the condition that every month the other girls hook up the money Toots lost with Amanda’s inactivity. Do you understand what I’m saying?” “It’s simple. Me and other girls had to work more to keep Amanda free. We fucked for her freedom. That’s when Meno’s financial problems really started. There were months when we weren’t able to hook up Amanda’s share. Meno had to find all kinds of ways to get the money. Toots loved that because that way he kept Meno by the balls. What do you say about that?” “No, not quite.”

“That’s interesting.”

“Interesting? For fifteen years of my life, I was used and abused by all sorts of men and women to keep that slut safe and sound in her fancy house. She dressed and behaved like a queen. She wouldn’t say hello on the street; she’d turn her face the other way.”

“Why did you do it then?”

Jessie lit another cigarette and took a long breath of smoke.

“We did it because we felt sorry for Meno. Can you believe



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