TE21 Serbian Moments

Nikola Tutek

The Widower

“This is theeyeof the EgyptianGodHorus. Did you knowthat?”

“I’m not much of a music man. Whatever suits you is fine.”

“No. But I saw this shape on postal stamps. From Egypt, yes?”

“This is how I feel now,” Gerda said and turned on a piece of slow instrumental music. She turned around and started approaching the table with a little less determination than when she was walking away from it. “They say the world is ending anyway. All the signs are here,” she said and continued as she sat back into her seat, “I’ll tell youwhat, let’s make a deal. I’ll tell you only about Kate or about Aggy. You have to choose.”

“It is an ancient symbol of regeneration and protection. It has amazing powers.”

Egan lowered his eyes onto the tray. He reached for the teacup.

“I knew your wife. I remembered her as soon as you left. Is she the woman you wanted to talk about?” “No,” answered Egan over a sip of warm tea, “But it sure sounds tempting.” Gerda gave a short laugh that resonated somewhat deeply around the room and behind the eye of Horus. Gerda jumpedoutof thearmchairand set towards thebookcase in the back of the room. Egan noticed her way of a fugitive. Her ravishing but battered dress uncovered the triangle of her skin between her shoulders and her neck. Her hair stunned by a small but unforgiving bun. “What do you want to listen to?” asked Gerda exposing her fragile back that reflected the whiteness of the skin on the surface of the watery green velveteen. “Aggy. I want to talk about Aggy.”


Gerda sank into silence. She lowered her chin and gave Egan a short look which scanned his determination.

“Kate is gone. She is history. Aggy is now. And I’m still here.”

“You are like chloroform,” Gerda said.

“I’ve been told that before.”

“Your simple honesty and calmness is disarming. What are you up to?”

“Please, don’t feel threatened by me. I can leave.”



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