TE21 Serbian Moments

Nikola Tutek

The Widower

to put on a dress of flowers in a haste. Egan thought.

to the graveyard.

What now? The wind bent the cypress tree. It was time to go see Kate. He’d make the first step towards her grave if not disturbed by a young female voice.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to visit your wife’s grave?”

“Why, you thought she was in a grave? No, not my wife, not Kate. She is a bird on a tree. I couldn’t find her even if I wanted to.”

“Excuse me,” she said, “Are you Egan? From the Post Office?”

“Yes,” Egan nodded his head, “And you are?”

“You are nuts. Just as mom told me.”

“I’m Annie. Annie Sarafian. Eola’s youngest daughter.”

“Do you want a coffee or a tea?” Egan boldly proposed. He felt again like experimenting with things. Annie was impressed with Egan’s performance. Her youthful voice swore she never had four orgasms in one afternoon. Egan was silent. He made a thorough research of all parts of Annie’s body. He even followed her into the toilet to observe her. It was a long time since Egan saw such a young body plunged in happiness and daydreams like almonds into a coat of fried sugar. Annie did most of the talking.

“I see.’

“My mom told me a lot about you. She disliked you.”

Egan laughed. And he laughed more, to the point where his eyes got wet.

“I think she had a crush on you when you were young though.”

Egan waved his hand as if taking cobweb off his nose, and he said: “Want to take a walk? My wife is just a few rows away from here.” Annie agreed and they started walking. However, after ten minutes of a silent walk, they found themselves at the entrance

She was twenty-seven. Thirty-six years younger than Egan.

“Doesn’t that bother you? It doesn’t bother me. Not at all.”

She was unemployed. She was a textile technician.

“Whatever the hell thatmeans. I alwayswanted tobeanactress. You know, in movies and all.”



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