TE21 Serbian Moments

About the Authors

Nikola Tutek TE21-07

M. Caterina Mortillaro TE21-10

Nikola Tutek (born in Croatia, 1978) is an author of short stories, plays, short film scripts and poetry. His short stories have been published in various literarymagazines in Croatia, Hungary, France, Serbia, Austria and the U.S. He is the author of three collections of short stories (Zlatna pirana, 2006; Ljudi koje sam izmislio, 2009, and Pamrav i pragrgan, 2015). His short story ‘Pičkin dim’ won third place at the FEKP (Festival of European Short Story) in 2020. He is a teacher of Canadian Literature at the University of Rijeka, Croatia.

M. Caterina Mortillaro (born in Milan) is an Italian teacher, journalist, translator, and anthropologist based in Prague. She has published various science fiction stories and a children’s novel. Her thriller, “Bollywood Babilonia” won the Delos Passport Award and her novel Devaloka. Il pianeta degli dei (Devaloka. The Plant of Gods) won the 2019 Odyssey Prize. Her most recent work (November 2021) is a techno-thriller with a mystical Indian flavor titled Kali Yuga .

Andrea Scrima TE21-08

Andrea Scrima (born in New York City, 1960) is a Berlin-based expat, novelist, essayist, and artist. She haswrittenextensivelyonher experience living as an American abroad. She has published a wide range of reviews, essays, and fiction pieces. She has also received numerous awards for her art, such as the Lingener Kunstpreis and a grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation for her painting and text installation.

Nana Ekvtimishvili TE21-09

NanaEkvtimishvili (born inGeorgia, 1978) is aGeorgianwriter and director. She studied screenwriting and dramaturgy at the Academy of FilmandTelevisioninPotsdam-Babelsberg. Shepublishedherfirst stories in 1999anddirectedherfirst shortfilmin2011. Herfirst feature film, In Bloom (2012), was awarded the International Confederation of Art Cinema at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival in 2013. Her first novel excerpted here, The Pear Field , appeared in 2015 and won the Saba Award for debut novel and the Litera Award for debut novel, and was longlisted for the International Booker Prize in 2021. 236


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