TE21 Serbian Moments

Acknowledgements The excerpt of DejanTiago Stanković’s novel, Zamalek , appears courtesy of the author. “The Beginning of Cartography,” “Cargo,” “The River’s Name,” “The Landless,” “The Last Station of Translation,” “Morning Coffee,” “Breathing Technique,” “View,” “Silk Road,” and “Walk” from Marija Knežević’s collection Breathing Technique , in English translation by Sibelan Forrester, appear courtesyof The Permissions Company, LLC on behalf of Zephyr Press (www. zephyrpress.org). Darko Tuševljaković’s short story, “Where are You From?,” appears courtesy of translator John Cox. Ana Ristović’s “Little Zebras,” “Beautiful Reflection (fear of routine),” “Grain of Salt (ballad of adultery),” “The Body,” “Art,” “Purge,” “Beware, Poet!,” “Cities,” “Snow in Your Shoes,” And “7AM (fear of the ringing telephone)” from Directions for Use , translated by Steven Teref and Maja Teref, are excerpted courtesyof The Permissions Company, LLCon behalf of Zephyr Press, Minneapolis, Minnesota (www.zephyrpress.org). The excerpt of Nikola Lekić’s novel, Society of Free-World Receptionist , inEnglish translationbyOliveraPopović, appears courtesy of the author. Author photo by Ema Bednarž.

The short story “The Smile” by Kristin Dimitrova appears courtesy of translator Petya Pavlova. Nikola Tutek’s “The Widower” is excerpted courtesy of the author. Author photo by Fanni Tutek. The excerpt of Andrea Scrima’s novel, Like Lips, Like Skins appears courtesy of the author. Author photo by Alyssa Deluccia. Nana Ekvtimishvili’s The Pear Field , in English translation by Elizabeth Heighway, appears courtesy of Peirene Press. Author photo by Irma Sharikadze. M. Caterina Mortillaro’s short story, “Virtual Truth” appears courtesy of translator Sarah Jane Webb.



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