TE21 Serbian Moments

Marija Kneževic

Breathing Technique

To be a ship. Face turned to the sea floor to be on both sides of the deep. To leave a trace not for eternity to sail in. To sail out the same way. To be loved in harbors. To be a ship. To love the better part of life in open sea to dream of harbors.

To be kin. To anyone. To men, women, algae, tigers leaping at a deer, lotuses settled in their own tears, islands, caves who have at least one chamber unexplored to be related. To love you

and never to learn it. To be always suddenly new joy and unexpected pain.

To avoid existence. A drop on your skin

To avoid waiting. To move always by the same path

that’s already a memory of touch. The drop’s already another drop.

from harbor back towards it. Entranced by the nets on deck. To transform cargo into stories. To be a ship. To bear yourself without effort.

To be actually never. To be now. Singularity in passage.



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