TE21 Serbian Moments

Marija Kneževic

Breathing Technique

The Landless

We solve crossed words. We have split up

Into horizontal and vertical. Since then we’ve been lonely. Hence at times we make war Aging like everyone, in an infantile manner. We’re touchy. They excite us Vagabonds with the promise Of growing up in the right connection.

We’re a litter of childhood diseases. And everything we touch starts whimpering.

We brought up our parets, Feeble kids older than we were. Begat a land so it would remain Uncompleted. Openly unmasked the sense of acquisitions. We witnessed a failing and falling Birth rate, it gave way to yearning And a total freedom of diffusion. We preserved the custom of giving names It’s not clear to anyone why. One of them is love. We live in an eternal school. We study Myths. One of them is Belonging. Every step of ours is emigration From the strange to the alien. We’re constantly here So that we can be nowhere.

And when we’re tired, we buy it. While less tired we see through it. From the perspective of incurable Childhood It’s all the same.

We’ve thought up a language of our own. One group plays at misunderstandings, A second is addicted to correspondence,

A third one advocates telepathy. Our books are personal message. The message is surplus in itself.



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