TE21 Serbian Moments

Marija Kneževic

Breathing Technique

Breathing Technique

Only you can be and do anything at all. Just as you drink this coffee too without speaking. I brewed it in time — whole nights. It foamed up at the right moment — at dawn. Coffee from the sea or from love. However. Only the titles are unimportant now when you have woken up

Healers have multiplied since the dawn of time Through epidemics and diseases on the rise Actual or still unimagined For which we learn from them the soonest.

This is the start of a favorable time Of a land that’s sold by promises To presenters of outrageous methods Of the speediest possible healing.

in the shape of love, have returned time.

Love has a shape, like any brainchld of low tide and high tide. Love has an hour in the sand’s relaxed breathing. It knows so much, has known for so long that every so often it’s sleepy.

Mainly they explain the plant Without any idea how it breathes

Nor do they care what the folk say: That cure and poison only reside together.

They briskly demonstrate the effect With a hypothesis of coexistence Of leaves of grass and human arrogance That desolates at random.



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