TE21 Serbian Moments

Marija Kneževic

Breathing Technique


They preach the psyche in the spirit Of the organism’s sovereign ruler While, as for the meek, let them help In this difficult task that has us.

We shared a room: She lay there day and night On her back and with views Either of the television, or of a forgotten Tall brick chimney whose smoke Was long ago sold at auction.

Breathing technique — the soothsayer emphasizes — Can cure every illness! In my book You’ll learn how to catch your breath With a special discount for the market.

How can she stand 10 years looking at that chimney? How it hurt when my friend let those words out, Forgetting to keep them quiet. I would go into our room To change her diapers, feed her, giver her a drink Of coffee and water and help her have a smoke. To lie down a bit and fly off with the flocks When in the evening they return in a group like children from a field trip To the botanical garden to sleep, in the morning they fly up together.

First and foremost wild oregano, for sure! But careful! Only in easy-to-spot Jars from our company, Salve Commerce ! The anti-itch cream comes for free.

Follow self-care. Solutions are as near As your hand on the keyboard. One click opens An unknown world. Everyone will easily Understand the informative film — no need to read.

Writing advertisements has never been So simple as in the era

Of Fantastically complex visual Animations of worsened health.



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