TE21 Serbian Moments

Marija Kneževic

Breathing Technique

Aren’t ashamed to blab that way in parliament, have you heard That detergent’s cheaper in the other market, yes, But who can be bothered walking there, here it’s closer, and anyway We four spend less and less, more often we two, mixed or same gender, It’s just me and my cat and I don’t feel it any more If the dinar goes up or down. It comes out the same. There’s no hope for us — we laugh stretched long As if seen through a glass of water with our plastic bags Our arms reach the ground, they look just like legs like couples Married a long time when the two become inseparable sisters. The easily woven intimacy of neighborly fibers seduces An equivalence of everydayness and unusual stories. For instance yesterday we heard, I know on just which corner, About China, its silk road toward ruling power in the world Founded on the terra cotta warriors of Chin the emperor-uniter, 6000 of them with the order that each have his own face, Thus, under the condition of distinctness, I learned about knowing How to rule, having gone to get the daily paper, milk, 48

Cherries three times pricier than the Chinese ones I didn’t taste nor is it possible Anything more beautiful than the generals with individual faces Passing on a gift on the street, the recollected corner With a closeness that goes so far away Where not even thought penetrates as a gesture Of selecting In a souvenir shop.


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