TE21 Serbian Moments

Society of Free-Wolrd Receptionist (novel excerpt) Nikola Lekić Translated from Serbian by Olivera Popović Slingshot You must always be on the lookout. You have to because there’s something happening all the time and your eyes are not enough to keep you safe. That’s why Mister M. decided to set up cameras, so you can see all the things you can’t really see with your eyes. I was ready for anything – when I was at the newsstand, when I was outside, but also when I was at some place else completely, anywhere; even sleeping. - Always. I mean, ever since I started working there. Before that – I don’t know. Mister M. taught me that; he used to say that the best soldiers were those who before going to war worked at the newsstands and the market. He said, a customer is a customer, but they can also be an enemy. You know that story about a wolf and a goat? - Always?


Jarićima, znam.

- Well, he told me that story. It’s like, they’re coming from all sides, he said, even from behind. The only place they can’t

Nikola Lekić


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