TE21 Serbian Moments

Nikola Lekić

Society of Free-world Receptionist

- Wait, you told him all that, he calmed down and that was it? - Well, yeah, but he just isn’t the person who would do all that, I mean, rob and shoot and whatever. He just went crazy that night and though he could do all that and that all of that was OK. It happens. Sometimes people don’t know how to solve a problem, so they do all kinds of things, things they would never do. Those who actually go all the way and do those things, and even solve their problem, don’t know how to deal with what they’ve done afterwards; they don’t know where in their brain to put that thing, in their though about themselves. They feel even worse than if they did nothing, if they just let that problem, or whatever it was, corner them. - Me? That neighbour is really something! If he did anything with that gun – not necessarily then, but some other time – his sonwould end up all alone. All alone in theworld. And he loves himmore than himself, more than anything. He has a son, you know the one where you don’t know if he’s thirteen or thirty, you can’t tell. He walks weird, like someone beat him up; he gega se, and talks weird, I mean, I never even heard him talk, I only heard him make some noise, mummbling, I guess that’s how he talks. I don’t know the name of that illness, but I love those people, those children very much, those who suffer from that. It’s not their fault, it’s no one’s fault, parents’ or state’s, or anyone’s – only those who can help but don’t because they - You are really something...

don’t think about it should be blamed, they don’t worry about it because they themselves and their families are healthy. And they could – not change them, but make it easier for them – that they can do – if they could only spare a little bit of money; those rich bastards who have a real fortune and will never be able to spend it all. I don’t like it, that illness. The best kids get it. I know that from the time I was in a children’s home where there were a couple of them and they kept them away from the rest of us – what a nonsense – in other rooms and outside, far away with their teachers; they had theirs, and we had ours, when actually they should’ve kept us all together because those kids would feel better; but – alright, maybe that wouldn’t have been such a good idea because those gypsy kids would probably beat them and bother them and they wouldn’t be able to defend themselves. I don’t like that illness. It’s unfair. You can’t even take some medicine and make it go away. It’s not a real illness at all, I don’t know what it is. - There you go, nobody knows. I saw that neighbour a thousand times taking a walk with that son of his. They’re the same height, and the son looks like he’s from another planet. He even had that little device in his ear, like he was receiving some signals from above, from the sky. He came here to Earth to tell us something, and we can’t understand him because we’re dumb, and we don’t even want to help or anything. And - Well, I don’t know. It could be...



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