TE21 Serbian Moments

Nikola Lekić

Society of Free-world Receptionist

we can help, I mean, not you and me, but those who have some extra time and cash. And since they won’t – not can’t, but simply won’t – this neighbour keeps hitting the wall and then he comes and tries to rob me. That’s the world we live in. I can’t do it anymore. Can we take a break?

apologized. It was fine. I think he understood when I told him that, whatever happens, life isn’t a robbery, but a slingshot. You can’t just come and take what you need. Oh, no. First you have to aim really well, then pull the slingshot and make it very tense, so it could send you flying really high and make you hit your target. And I told him that’s he’s better off selling that gun and taking his son to the zoo.

- But you didn’t finish the story about the robbery.


First let’s take a break, turn it off.

* Later we had a couple of beers outside the newsstand and had a long talk about all kinds of things. About his son, about life, about problems. He told me that gun he had was from the war. Not the bombing, but from the nineties. He said he hadn’t used it since, and if someone asked him now – he wouldn’t have used it then either.


The Creepy Story


He was in the war?

The God, the dogs and the professor -

- He was. He has a metal bar in his left leg, below the knee. Before the war, he says, he was a footbal referee, and later a truck driver, and that time we talked he said he couldn’t drive anymore because he had to take care of his son. I don’t know where his wife is. He doesn’t have it easy, you know?

- Can I ask you one question before we continue?


Sure, it’s all you’ve been doing.

- Yeah, you’re right. I’ve noticed you keep mentioning Zeus. Do you mean the Greek god Zeus, that Zeus?

Later, while we were drinking that beer and talking, he



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