TE21 Serbian Moments

Nikola Lekić

Society of Free-world Receptionist

me hiding something. It’s good they left so quickly. - Yes. And the professor?

- Well, first his daughter who lives in the US, I think, tried to get him on the phone for days. Then she started calling neighbors who were embarrassed to talk about the stench, so they’d just tell her they hadn’t seen him for awhile. I don’t know what the daughter did then, but the neighbors waited, and the puppies were becoming louder and they had to shit and piss all over the apartment because they couldn’t get out, and they had to start eating the professor, a bit by bit. And that’s when the stench got really bad and the neighbors started making calls and asking for any help they could get – they called the police, the fire station, the law enforcement office, and so on. The neighbors never talked about the smell to each other – otherwise, only one of them could’ve made the calls and they wouldn’t all end up getting up one morning and calling every phone number they could find useful and causing such a crazy mess where the cops broke in the professor’s apartment and all those dirty and hungry puppies came running out as if they were chased. Cops never came in. They gathered in front of the building and called for help – they called dog-catchers, an ambulance, a funeral parlor, a cleaning service, lawyers, real estate agents and animal shelter people. All of them would stop at the newsstand to ask me where the 72 G entrance is.




Well, yeah, I told you, a creepy story.




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